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Thanks to everyone who visited with us at the IGES Gift Show in Sevierville, Tennessee!

Ginger Cottages now available!
Contact your sales representative or Bill Greer for more information!

New from Celebrations In Time
Four New Collections! Click the image to see the entire collection.

These collections are especially designed to allow any account to have a 'custom' product without the worry of large quantities or 'upfront' fees or responsibilities!

Aquariums and Zoos

Vintage Toy Collection
Carolina Coastal
The History of Santa Claus

If this is your first exposure to Celebrations in Time and TRC Designs, Inc., we have a few things that we would like you to know about our wooden products.
Our first statement is that we consider woodworking as an art! For over 25 years, we've focused on the nearly impossible craft of building Nutcrackers that live up to the character and quality of their German heritage. In 2008, our work achieved 'world class' status with the release of the U.S.P.S. Christmas Stamps that were designed in our Mechanicsville Shop!
So, the point to remember... as you consider our products for production for your winery, store, or Tourist Attraction, please know that we'll take the time and effort to make sure that every product that leaves our shop can be considered as a 'work of art' with the same attention to quality and detail that you would expect of your own products!

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